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About Us
After working collaboratively as co-counsel on a variety of high-stakes lawsuits, Sean Summers and Jill Nagy concluded that their clients could be better served by formally partnering and establishing Summers Nagy.

The mission of Summers Nagy is very simple: obtain the best possible results for our clients, fast and as inexpensive as possible.

At Summers Nagy, we are confident that we can obtain exceptional results for our clients. To that end, we won't hesitate to engage in a variety of fee arrangements that encourage efficiency and provide for success based fees, including flat monthly fees, contingency or partial contingency fees, and a variety of similar arrangements. We have found that clients appreciate when their interests are aligned with ours.

Why We Get Good Results

When we accept your case, we immediately focus on trial and don't waste time engaging in endless amounts of discovery that increases costs and wastes valuable time. Our resumes immediately alert the opposition that we are not afraid to go to trial and that matters to the outcome of a case.

It goes without saying that not all cases go to trial. But, our experience has proven that clients get the best settlements when the other party knows that we will not hesitate to try the case. With our experience and our preparation, our clients get an advantage when those inevitable settlement discussions begin. Good, experienced attorneys get good settlements. Don't accept anything less.

Other Attorneys

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other attorneys to resolve their client's disputes. And, please do not hesitate to ask us about referral fees.

The reality is that larger law firms teach all of their attorneys to "cross sell" their services. The dilemma for some smaller law firms is that they don't want to litigate a dispute but they're apprehensive concerning referring a matter to a larger law firm out of fear that the client might leave. Further complicating the matter, they want their client to have an experienced trial attorney that will obtain exceptional results for their client. Think twice before you take a chance that you'll lose a client by making a referral to a "full service" law firm.

Summers Nagy has a simple answer for you. We'll sit down with you and your client and explain that we are there for one purpose only and that is to resolve their dispute as fast and as inexpensive as possible. We will work collaboratively with you and your client and once the dispute is resolved, you and your client can return to business as usual.

Similarly, we regularly serve as local counsel for attorneys that are not licensed in Pennsylvania or that are unfamiliar with local practice or procedure.

Practice Areas

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