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SNLO is the expert on employment and occupational training providing full service training as well as risk management services for companies and their employees. Although specializing in the public transportation and motor coach industries training packages can be tailored to any workplace environment. Risk management starts with training and programs can be created to serve your industry needs. SNLO's founding shareholder, Jill Nagy, provides a comprehensive "train the trainer" package for industry professionals - whether or not those professionals work in the transportation industry or anywhere else in the business world. The supervisor training sessions focus on practical experience, industry knowledge and complex question/answer sessions involving every-day workforce situations. Nagy's training presentations are broken down in a format to meet the audience's needs. In 2011 and 2012, Nagy presented multiple presentations to educate vendors, corporate administrators and human resources personnel regarding federal and state compliance requirements.

A full listing of SNLO's training topics is available - email us to see how we can serve your needs.

Training Transportation Industry:

SNLO is the authority in the constantly evolving Transportation industry. Jill Nagy has provided training on the national level on various aspects of the public transportation and motor coach industries. Training is a critical component for administrators, drivers and maintenance personnel, not only because it's good business but because it's the law. ADA compliance deadlines are looming and your employees must be trained. ADA Transportation regulations and harassment training involves a unique knowledge base that comes from years of industry experience, employee and passenger interaction and focus on industry regulations. ADA regulations, safety regulations, sexual harassment and general work place procedures make up only a small part of Nagy's training experience.

For further reference into ADA compliance training requirements in the transportation industry please read an article written by Jill Nagy which was published in the July/August 2012 Pennsylvania Bus Association Newsletter Bus Digest. SNLO can help your company and employees understand the ever changing transportation industry and other industries through training.

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